Fishing on the Saugeen River

Fishing on the Saugeen River was and still is a huge cultural, self sustaining aspect to the members of Saugeen First Nation. Saugeen comes from the Ojibway word Saukiing which translates to “mouth of the river”. The Saugeen people knew the importance of this location to their way of self sustaining life which is why when fishing the Saugeen River; please respect the waters, land and fish. Only fish for what you need. Fishing the Saugeen River is accessible all seasons. Spring sees the influx of rainbow trout making their way up river to spawn. Summertime has catfish, bass, perch and small trout coming in.  Fall/Winter has the salmon run usually in late August, followed within a couple of weeks by the rainbow trout. The Saugeen River is known for having some of the best rainbow fishing in Ontario. The Saugeen River has approximately 2 ½ miles of open river for fishing.  “You can eat the fish you catch”

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