Amphitheatre & Gardens

A visit to Saugeen First Nation would not be complete without a stop at the Saugeen Amphitheatre. Located in the heart of the village, over looking the mighty Saugeen River is one of the most beautiful and scenic gardens in Western Ontario. Stone stairways and walkways, terraced gardens and an outdoor amphitheatre constructed of locally quarried stone overlook the Saugeen River quietly snaking its way in the distance. The word “Friendship” outlined in large white letters on a grassy area below the gardens underlines the focus of this quiet and tranquil park. A nature path winds its way down to the river’s edge. The Saugeen First Nations Amphitheatre is visited by thousands of visitors each year and has become a popular spot for outdoor wedding ceremonies. It is a continued source of great pride for the Saugeen First Nation members. The Amphitheatre is located along Hwy 21 in the Saugeen First Nation.  You will see a wooden sign at the entrance to the parking lot on the south side of the highway. There is no admission fee.

*Currently Under Reconstruction*

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